Clean and healthy interiors matter for your employees & customers


Everybody loves being in a clean space. Because a clean business is a healthy one. Keeping your business and workspace clean can reduce bacteria that can facilitate the spread of diseases. Employees and customers feel happy and well taken care of with the bonus momentum factor that comes with a clean space: an already clean environment encourages people to treat your business space with more respect and they are more likely to clean up after themselves and keep your business clean. Plus, customers who see your commitment to their health want to stay longer and that often means more sales for your business.



The Cleanest Floors in the Whole North Coast


We've cleaned alot of floors over the last 36 years of being in business so we've pretty much seen just about every flooring or substance on a floor that exists. Which means no matter what the spill or challenge you may have we can help you find the best solution to get your floor back to clean and healthy. From concrete to shag we treat your floor with the appropriate environmentally friendly & green products so you can breathe easy and feel great walking on your clean floor again. 



A beautiful indoors that reflects our beautiful outdoors


Guests coming into town? Looking to freshen your home with the changing season? Whether you're cleaning for a special occassion or just keeping your home in tip-top shape we've got you covered. We'll wash your windows so more natural light and our beautiful outdoors shines into your home. Or perhaps you're looking to not have your carpets look & smell like your pets, instead of you, own your home? We can take care of that for you as well. Everyone, including Mr Woofer & Miss Meow, will breathe easier after a deep carpet clean. And remember your gutters need some love as well. This past winter showed us the importance of keeping clear gutters year round. This regularly scheduled maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in repairs down the line so schedule us to come out and freshen your home up.


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