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What is Green Cleaning?

Green Cleaning is the use of products and services that reduce the health and environmental impact compared to similar products and services used for the same purpose. Another definition of Green Cleaning is cleaning to safeguard human health while minimizing the impact to the environment. Its goal is to protect the health of building occupants, visitors and cleaning personnel, as well as reducing polluting effects on our air and water. Unlike traditional cleaning, it goes far beyond simple appearance, focusing on products and services  that have fewer adverse health and environmental impacts as compared with others that might be used for the same purpose.

In the past two decades, the major emphasis in the cleaning industry has been to find new ways to "do more with less". Accordingly, most new cleaning procedures, products and systems have been developed with the primary goal of improving the productivity of cleaning personnel and reducing costs. Although these aspects are important, the health of the facility and those who live, work or occupy it have no received the same deserved attention. Green Cleaning changes all of this helping to clarify the connection between cleaning, health and the protection of our environment.

Green Cleaning is more than just using "green" products. The success of green cleaning program is dependent on numerous other factors. While the selection of product is important, it will have little effect in an otherwise inadequate cleaning regime that leaves facilities dirty and the health of the occupants, visitors and the environment in risk. Green Cleaning encompasses a total program including chemicals, procedures, equipment, mops, matting, everything used in an effective cleaning program.


The movement toward green cleaning does not imply that traditional methods are inadequate or have created unsafe conditions. Instead North Coast Cleaning Services views Green cleaning as taking cleaning to the next level to further reduce polluting impacts while continuing to maintain and improve the healthfulness, comfort and aesthetics of our surroundings.


Why should all be concerned with Green Cleaning?


The USA comprises about 5% of the world's population and annually produces 27% of the world's garbage.

The USA uses 6 billion pounds of chemical products yearly.

The USA uses 4.5 billion pounds of paper products yearly.

The USA uses 35 billion pounds of plastic liners yearly.

The USA disposes 500 million pounds of cleaning equipment yearly.

80% of our time is spend indoors.

EPA rates the indoor environment is potentially 3-5 times more harmful to humans than outdoor environment.

EPA rates indoor air quality as one of the top 5 health risks.

There are 100 million lost work days each year due to poor indoor air quality.

These statistics emphasize the immediate need to be concerned about the cleaning process and its effect on the health of the user, occupant, visitor and the indoor and outdoor environment.


Benefits of Green Cleaning

The primary benefit of Green Cleaning with its emphasis on cleaning with its emphasis on cleaning for health, not just appearance, is cleaner, healthier building. A healthier indoor environment translates into many  concrete, bottom-line benefits for building owners, managers, service personnel and building occupants.


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