Carpet Cleaning FQA


Should I have my furniture cleaned?

Cleaning upholstered furniture's special fiber takes experience and correct cleaning methods. We have trained technicians and the proper equipment to clean most types of upholstery.  A professional furniture cleaning can make your  "not so new" furniture look like new- not need to buy new! Upholstery should be cleaned every 6 months if use daily or at least once a year for all others.



How often should I clean my carpets?

A properly cleaned carpet will not resoil quickly and will last longer. Carpet that is not cleaned on a regular basis is unhealthy. It collects pollen, insecticides, exhausts, etc. that gets tracked in or blown in from the polluted outdoors. Residential carpet should be cleaned at least every 18-24 months and every 3-6 months if you have young children and/or pets.



How do I maintain my carpet warranty?

Major carpet manufacturers require that you have your carpets cleaned using a Hot Water Extraction Method (Steam) by trained carpet cleaning professionals in order to maintain your carpet warranty.  North Coast Cleaning Services Inc.  is a qualified company which is experienced in handling all carpet manufacturer's requirements, and in assisting customer's in maintaining their carpet warranties.



Do you guarantee to remove all spots and stains?

We have great success with most spots. A spot is something foreign on carpet or upholstery that can be removed. A stain is something that cannot be removed. This is determined after exhausting all spot removal possibilities.



Can I walk on my carpet right after it has been cleaned?

Yes, however, you need protection on your feet so as not to re-soil the carpet since the carpet is damp. Carpet is more susceptible to soiling when it is damp. We provide booties for this purpose.  We recommend limiting traffic for 24 hours.


How long will it take to dry?

It varies. Temperature, humidity, air flow, as well as carpet yarn & density are all factors in dry time. The average dry time is 6-8 hours. However we can use special turbo dryers as needed to reduce your dry time. The ideal indoor temperature for cleanings is 72-74 degrees. Turn on your heat in cold weather, keep your thermostat fan to "on" to keep the air flow moving. You also use ceiling and stationary fans (be sure these are well dusted so as not to blow dirt onto freshly cleaned carpet).



Will your equipment scratch my floors, walls or baseboards?

No. Our equipment as well as your personal property is handled with great care. Precautions are taken, including the use of wall guards, moving buddies, lift buddies and towels to ensure that your carpets are the only thing that looks different when we leave.




Do I have to be present the entire time that the cleaning takes place?

No. An advantage to using North Coast Cleaning Services Inc. is our honest reputation in the community for over 30 years. We can adapt to your needs. Many clients choose to personally meet us at the job ( or have a friend or neighbor do so ) and then leave when we are ready to begin cleaning. Other clients leave a key and instructions for the technician and some choose to be home during the cleaning. No matter what your preference, our technician will still provide the same honest and quality service and speak with you personally about your concerns, pricing and instruction for proper drying.



What do I need to do before North Coast Cleaning Services Inc. arrives?

Before the arrival of your carpet technician, it is recommended that you do a thorough vacuuming and move small items. Also, pets should have a safe and secure place to be during the cleaning.



Concerned about cost?

When you purchased your carpet and furniture, you did not select the cheapest, but you probably choose the highest quality available for your budget. Knowing that you get what you pay for, "too good to be true" carpet and upholstery cleaning rates usually aren't a true value. There are many honest and reliable companies in your local area, our rates are comparable with all the other companies offering the same high quality service. Our rates are simple and easy to understand. Our regular rates always include a cleaning solution and a through cleaning and grooming of your carpet. When comparing prices, be sure to compare the services provided for that price.

Most normal soiling will be removed with a regular cleaning. Spots that require additional materials such as pet urine or odor, red wine, blood, ink etc...are priced after inspecting the area and determining the amount of time and material required.



What about pet urine, odor or bad spots.?

Our technicians specialize in pet urine, odor and spot removal. Most normal soiling will be removed with a regular cleaning. However, some areas that require additional time and materials to do a thorough job include pet urine or odor, red wine, blood, ink and other staining or odor causing materials. Our carpet technicians can evaluate the area and determine the amount of time and material required for a successfully removal. In some soiling cases, there may be different solutions or options presented for your approval. Some urine odor control cases may require a treatment process. All of these options will be discussed with you after a thorough inspection. We'll only start a treatment option after your approval!

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